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Return to Bloom to Free the Forest Creatures using your Magical Powers

Bloom: Roots of Renewal

Bloom: Roots of Renewal is an expansion to the previous WolverineSoft Studio game Bloom: Tome of Power (2020). Explore unique areas, find new weapons, and defeat more enemies. 

WolverineSoft Studio

Bloom: Roots of Renewal is created by a 20-person team at the University of Michigan's WolverineSoft Studio, a semester-long voluntary student games studio. It is an educational case study on Bethesda's Quake, and takes inspiration from its game mechanics as well as other games in the genre.  Work on the expansion of Bloom took place between September 2021 and December 2021.


Producer George Castle
Art DirectorsMariana Ortiz Luna
Meghan Guo
Audio Director Jacob Wolfe
Design Director Brandon Schulz
Programming DirectorsAlex Czarnecki
Jackson Vails
Art Mariana Ortiz Luna
Meghan Guo
Grace Ma
Junde Song
Sachin Vijayaraj
Yingxi Chen
Audio Jacob Wolfe
Ahmad Faiyaz
Juan Rivera Plata
Logan Hughes
Rich Kaplan
Design Brandon Schulz
George Castle
Alex Pohlman
Matthias Claassen
Programming Alex Czarnecki
Jackson Vails
Alex Pohlman
Bri Epstein
Isaac Huffman
Hsiao Hsiang-Chun
Matthias Claassen
Zhenyuan Zhang
MarketingPaul Young
AdvisorAustin Yarger
Original BloomBloom: Tome of Power


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PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorsWolverineSoft Studio, Amber Renton, voxlap
Tags3D, Fantasy, First-Person, Forest, FPS, Magic, Retro, Unity, Vector


bloom-roots-of-renewal-windows.zip 2 GB
Version 9 Dec 12, 2021
bloom-roots-of-renewal-macos.zip 1 GB
Version 2 Dec 11, 2021


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My thoughts on this game!

6/10. Took me 47 minutes to beat this game and it was good. I liked the level design,weapons and playing trough the game. Seems like this is an improvement over the first game but not by much i would say. Main downside of this release is that its poorly optimized.


Thought it was gonna be junk, but was pleasantly surprised as I kept on playing to the end.
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I like the selection of wands, I mainly use the green to spam enemies but when that runs out, I then use blue then switch back. The yellow is great for the big enemies because they're hard to miss. I only use the big red explosive wand as a mobility tool.


Good game.
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Nice vid, thanks for checking this out!

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only 27 more years until they release Bloom Eternal


Is it?...


Very cool update to a very cool game. Well done!


Obviously had a ton of thought put into it, the level music is AMAZING. All the different spells are lots of fun, too :D


I'm really enjoying playing this expanded version of Bloom: Tome of Power! The controls feel great, the variety of combat options adds depth to the gameplay, and I love all the new enemy types and level challenges!