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Rideshare Rampage is WolverineSoft Studio's first game created using the Unreal Engine! Rideshare Rampage is a 3D racing game heavily inspired by Crazy Taxi. Drive through the streets and wreak havoc as you take over the rideshare business!


Rideshare Rampage was created by a 10-person team at the University of Michigan's WolverineSoft Studio, a semester-long voluntary student games studio. It is an educational case study on Crazy Taxi, and takes heavy inspiration from its game mechanics. This project was in development from June 4th, 2021, to August 22nd, 2021.


Project LeadBrandon Schulz
ArtLucy Zhang (UI)
Mandy He
Audio Crystal Lee
Jacob Wolfe
Logan Hughes
Level Design Jackson Vails
Mandy He
Brandon Schulz
Programming Bri Epstein
Lawrence Bitzer
Nigel Charleston
Brandon Schulz
VoicesBri Epstein
Logan Hughes
Nikhil Ghosh
Sylvan Talavera
Crystal Lee
Jacob Wolfe
Advisor Austin Yarger
Nico Williams
Apoorva Bansal
PlaytestersAdris Jautakas
Michael Rouleau
Zhenyuan Zheng
Nico Williams


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AuthorWolverineSoft Studio
Tags3D, cars, crazy-taxi, Unreal Engine


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