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WolverineSoft Studio Presents:

Project LIGHT: Prototype

Build your vessel, man it's stations and sink your opponent in this vertical slice of our first 2-semester project! Inspired by FTL, this subnautic prototype serves as the foundation for our Fall 2022 release.

WolverineSoft Studio

Project LIGHT Prototype was created by a 19-person team at the University of Michigan's WolverineSoft Studio, a student games studio undertaking semester long projects. It is an educational case study of Subset Game's FTL: Faster Than Light, and takes inspiration from its game mechanics as well as other games in the genre. Work on this project took place between May and August 2022. This prototype serves as the final deliverable of our first dev cycle in a 2-cycle project that will be completed in December 2022.


Studio DirectorDevon Chandran
Executive ProducerCameron Brown
Art DirectorsDevon Chandran
Mariana Ortiz Luna
Audio Director Morgan Elder
Programming Director Alvin Hermans
ArtDevon Chandran
Esther Kim
Meagan Walters
Sophia Cao
Audio Morgan Elder
Leo LoPorto
Daniel Tian
DesignKelly Liu
Matthias Claassen
Cameron Brown
ProgrammingAlvin Hermans
Naveen Sabharwal
Hon Lee
Alexander Wang
Jacob Robinson
Howard Yang
Nikhil Ghosh 
AdvisorsAustin Yarger
Nikhil Ghosh
PlaytestersCrystal Lee
Nico Williams


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Lots of fun to work on, can't wait to expand on it this fall!