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WolverineSoft Presents: 

The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor's premiere game design and development studio, WolverineSoft, has released its second major title, Io.

Featuring difficult platforming, tense combat, a high level of mobility granted to the player though Io's teleportation abilities, and a challenging boss to top it off at the end, Io is sure to leave you staring into the darkness of the Crystal Caves, the beauty of the Oran Windmill Fort, and the melancholy of the Abandoned City.


Io_Mac.zip 244 MB
Io_Windows.zip 242 MB


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Really cool game!!! The controls were intuitive enough for me to be pretty comfortable in the air and I used the teleport mechanic constantly. It's obviously not perfectly polished but it's enough to have fairly fluid motions in the air if you're good at the game. I had the controls figured out by the end of the tutorial so it's a pretty good implementation of the unique movements.

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Interesting little game, very cool art direction. The platforming felt pretty decent to use, and the main concept was unique and felt polished. However, while a cool concept, it's a very unpolished game and there's not much depth to the mechanic. Extra game features don't make use of the main mechanic very well and it leads to a daisy-chain of unrelated button mashing. The windmill mechanic is also horrible. Wall-jumping was nigh impossible to use, and platforms we obscured by the background. Respawn points were mediocrely placed. The main teleporting mechanic was consistent. The slow motion mechanic was never useful. Solid 5/10. Not bad at all

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Probably the most fun I had with a 2D- action platformer; it merges beautiful levels with a well-put-together traversal mechanic that includes wall-sliding, wall-jumping, a teleportation device, and slow-motion for greater accuracy.

For me, it does handle well with a controller as I can use my left or right analog sticks to guide my teleport trajectory.

Thanks so much for the feedback! We're glad you enjoyed it :)


I managed to soft-lock the game :(  There was a wall near a respawn point that my sword was able to fly through But otherwise this game has potential.

Thanks for the heads up! This is one of a few known bugs that we're working to iron out soon.