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Escape with your life if you can. Careful though, they'll hear you leaving.

Desolation Place

Desolation Place is a 3D first-person stealth horror game where the player character must traverse through an abandoned castle, avoiding both the horrors that lurk within its shadows as well as the terrors that lurk within his past.

WolverineSoft Studio

Desolation Place was created by a 25-person subteam of the University of Michigan's WolverineSoft Studio, a semester-long voluntary student games studio. This project was in development from June 1st, 2020, to August 16th, 2020.


ProducerAmber Renton
Pod LeadersAndrew Zhou
Nigel Charleston
Nikhil Ghosh
Design DirectorAlex Trombley
Art DirectorAlex Trombley
Audio DirectorFaulkner Bodbyl-Mast
Programming DirectorBilly Bostick
ArtAlex Trombley
Amber Renton
Eli Lustig
Mariana Ortiz Luna
Marlon Berry
Patrick McCallum
AudioBradley Gurwin
Faulkner Bodbyl-Mast
Kevin Zhu
Kiva Nguyen
Sylvan Talavera
Game DesignAlex Trombley
Andrew Zhou
Floney Yang
Joshua Rickard-Lukasavitz
Robert Keller
Tolulope Oladele
ProgrammingAmber Renton
Bennett Thomas
Billy Bostick
CheWei Wang
Floney Yang
Jim Yang
Joshua Rickard-Lukasavitz
Kristen Worden
Michael Tilbury
Nigel Charleston
Nikhil Ghosh
Robert Keller
Zena Abulhab
Zhenyuan Zhang
AdvisorsAustin Yarger
Jordan Ajlouni


Desolation Place - Windows 631 MB
Desolation Place - Linux 637 MB
Desolation Place - MacOS 737 MB


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  The idea and execution are pretty good I just don't like the fact that even if you are crouch walking super slow they can still hear you, and kill you. 

hi, big thx forthe game. greetings from rosti 😊

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Thanks for playing :)

I gave the game a shot and it's was interesting to say the least. I feel like the monsters were a bit too sensitive to my movements even when I am crouched and somewhat away from them. Beyond that, nice story.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thank you so much, awesome channel!

Hello, I played this game and it was fun, it looked unique and it was hard to get past the monsters, sometimes when Im crouched the enemy still run at me its not like I was close to the enemy they just randomly run at me even if Im crouched and kill me many times, over all though I liked the idea so good work :)

Thanks! I am glad you liked it!