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WolverineSoft Studio presents

You're a robot. Beep boop. Now mow them down.


Circuitry is a 2D top-down twin-stick roguelike shooter heavily inspired by 2015 indie hit Nuclear Throne. The player is a robot with the ability to dash and wield guns. Guide them through an infinite journey as they make their way through dangerous abandoned wastelands, run down by hostile and armed drones.

WolverineSoft Studio

Circuitry was created by a 25-person team at the University of Michigan's WolverineSoft Studio, a semester-long voluntary student games studio. It is an educational case study on Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne, and takes heavy inspiration from its UI and game mechanics. This project was in development from September 6th, 2020, to December 6th, 2020.


ProducersAmber Renton
Nico Williams
Art DirectorsGeorge Castle
Rachel Liu
Audio DirectorsBradley Gurwin
Logan Hughes
Design DirectorMatthew Rader
Programming DirectorBilly Bostick
Pod LeadsAngela Salacata
Brandon Schulz
Natasha Badami
Naveen Sabharwal
Rachel Liu
ArtAmber Renton
Dilan Huang
George Castle
Grace Ma
Kaavya Ramachandhran
Lisa Cao
Lucy Zhang
Naveen Sabharwal
Rachel Liu
AudioAhmad Faiyaz
Bradley Gurwin
Conor Egan
Emily Sulkey
Faulkner Bodbyl-Mast
Heidi Schmidt
Kevin Zhu
Kiva Nguyen
Logan Hughes
Steve Klingbiel
DesignBrandon Schulz
Brian Mealey
Eli Neumann
Matthew Rader
Rob Swor
ProgrammingAngela Salacata
CheWei Wang
Kewei Han
Kristen Worden
Natasha Badami
Robert Keller
Seyhyun Yang
Zewen Wu
AdvisorAustin Yarger
MentorsJames Kotzian
Jordan Ajlouni


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The University of Michigan’s ArtsEngine

ArtsEngine’s mission is to inspire, foster, and strengthen intellectual collisions and durable collaborative practices driven by the arts, design, engineering, and technology to fully maximize the potential of students and faculty on North Campus.

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Circuitry-1.0.1.app.zip 110 MB
Circuitry-1.0.1.zip 111 MB
Circuitry-Linux-1.0.1.zip 113 MB


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Cool game! I like it


the game is really exciting


Very glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for the playthrough :)

thank you

why does it need acese to the interne

entry from itchio, not from shortcut