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I first played the sequel and decided to check the first game out. This game is kinda a little bit worse then the sequel which is Bloom: Roots of Renewal. Anyways 5.5/10 for me. Enemy placement is not spaced out enough,reseting weapons after each level is kinda not okay but i understand it from the point of an old school shooter,aim assist was turned on by default which makes aiming harder. Would recommend to turn the aim assist slider completely off. Also the cave are was way too dark and if memory serves me right its much improved in the sequel. Anyways i think the sequel is a much more improved upon and refined game. One graphical bug maybe which i am not sure about and the bug of not being able to press back when finishing the game and i had to alt f4 the game to exit it and also one final thing i died on the final level couple of days ago when i first played it and i could not click continue at all so that was bugged still this game is worth checking out.

I loved this. It was so nice to play a spiritual sequel to stuff like Heretic and Hexen